Dire Ed: or the dire state of higher ed

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Why Inter-Disciplinary Research is Cursed

Inter-disciplinary research is all the rage these days. Investigating a research problem through the lens of a single discipline is simply not enough to get a full understanding of “what’s going on,” or so we are told. Funding bodies want to see cross-disciplinary collaborations to solve complex problems before committing cash to a project. JournalsContinue reading “Why Inter-Disciplinary Research is Cursed”

Coping with Social Rejection

To anyone who’s ever been rejected, ignored, or excluded by someone more “popular” than you are, this article’s for you. I am not an important man, although importance is a relative concept. I’ve written books and published articles. My research has been reported in international media outlets like The Economist, the Financial Times, and BBCContinue reading “Coping with Social Rejection”

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