Dire Ed: or the dire state of higher ed

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Market Orientation: The Key to Survival in Academia

Academia is like Highlander. A competitive version of Highlander. Researchers fiercely compete with each other for who will have the most publications. There can be only one. Publications are the only currency in academia. Hence, the infamous saying: Publish or perish. There are adverse effects in every domain where one key performance indicator dominates allContinue reading “Market Orientation: The Key to Survival in Academia”

Why Can’t We Celebrate Women’s Success in Higher Education?

We live in a culture that celebrates victimhood and feeds on a narrative of oppression. Earlier this week we “celebrated” International Women’s Day. I was thumbing my way through Twitter and came across a post from an anonymous account commenting to the effect that universities have “systematically” failed women. Have they? In response to thisContinue reading “Why Can’t We Celebrate Women’s Success in Higher Education?”

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