Why Inter-Disciplinary Research is Cursed

Inter-disciplinary research is all the rage these days. Investigating a research problem through the lens of a single discipline is simply not enough to get a full understanding of “what’s going on,” or so we are told. Funding bodies want to see cross-disciplinary collaborations to solve complex problems before committing cash to a project. JournalsContinue reading “Why Inter-Disciplinary Research is Cursed”

Coping with Social Rejection

To anyone who’s ever been rejected, ignored, or excluded by someone more “popular” than you are, this article’s for you. I am not an important man, although importance is a relative concept. I’ve written books and published articles. My research has been reported in international media outlets like The Economist, the Financial Times, and BBCContinue reading “Coping with Social Rejection”

Imagine Being a Professor or Student at the American University of Afghanistan

I am distressed by the images coming out of Afghanistan. One could, of course, make the argument that the U.S. military and its allies never should have gone into the country in the first place (a position with which I sympathize), but once in, that triggered a solemn obligation to the people of Afghanistan toContinue reading “Imagine Being a Professor or Student at the American University of Afghanistan”

Netflix’s “The Chair”: Is the Show Any Good?

A new series has recently dropped on Netflix: The Chair. It chronicles the trials and tribulations of a Korean-American female professor as she assumes leadership of the Department of English at “Pembroke College,” a small, teaching-focused liberal arts school in rural America. It’s about time a university was featured as a setting in a televisionContinue reading “Netflix’s “The Chair”: Is the Show Any Good?”

The Key to Improving Research: More Books, Fewer Articles

Books are sublime. I’ve loved them ever since I was a little child. They represent new, exciting, and previously unexplored ideas and a crowning sense of achievement (both for the writer and for the reader on finishing the manuscript). They are the personification of the author. On the whiteboard in my office, I display oneContinue reading “The Key to Improving Research: More Books, Fewer Articles”


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