Dire Ed: or the dire state of higher ed is a new forum designed to enable critical discussion about universities. In comparison to more sanitized websites like Times Higher and Inside Higher Ed, Dire Ed courts controversy and debate. We are looking for contributions that not only dissect what’s wrong with higher education today, but also offer innovative solutions on how to improve universities.

Contributions must be short (between 500 and 600 words max, or about 1 page of A4, single spaced). If you have an idea that requires more space, it could be published in multiple segments. Please include hyper-links in your article, where relevant.

Submissions must be sent in either Word or GoogleDocs format to the Editor-in-Chief at: You can decide whether you want to publish the article with your name attached or anonymously. Either way, the Editor-in-Chief must be able to verify your identity (which will be kept confidential). Named submissions must also be accompanied by a photograph.

Please get in touch if you would like to sit on Dire Ed‘s Advisory Board. This project is a big tent.

For more information on the kind of topics we’re interested in, check out this page.

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